DAY THIRTY-FOUR (part two): Hedgehogs, Hot Drinks, and Hopeful Plans



After  lunch with our family, we headed to a hedgehog café. We weren’t hungry, we were just going to see hedgehogs!


The hedgehog café was very small, so we had to wait outside for our turn. When they were ready, we headed up the stairs to heaven… I mean hedgehogs. There were four stations, each with four hedgehogs for us to hold.


In addition, there were cages along the outside, with hedgehogs in them, and a large pen, with the hedgehogs that were resting from being held. All hedgehogs were for sale, but (we later learned) they were way more expensive than hedgehogs from anywhere else. The hedgehogs were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!! For 1,400 yen, we had thirty minutes to hold them, as well as one free drink from their automated drink machine. We all got hot apple juice (except Bayus, who got regular apple juice). The café part was just to make it sound fancy, it was really just a pet store that specialized in hedgehogs. I spent every minute I had, holding the hedgehogs.





Bayus and Shea enjoyed taking pictures of the hedgehogs.


Bayus and I are now plotting on how we can get a hedgehog, because, come on now, how can you resist this face!


Being able to go to the hedgehog café was such a cool experience. We would say that we wish we could go again, except that getting our own hedgehog would be way better!


Here is a link to the café,



4 thoughts on “DAY THIRTY-FOUR (part two): Hedgehogs, Hot Drinks, and Hopeful Plans

  1. I have a friend who has hedgehogs but the thing is, they are asleep when you want to play with them and they make noises when you want to sleep! :p

    1. They are nocturnal, but we do school throughout the day, so them sleeping is fine with us. Also, we want them for their adorable cuddliness, not necessarily for playing. If they just want to snooze in our lap, that is fine with us 😀 Them being noisy at night is also alright, since we plan to have her cage downstairs. Hopefully we are not underestimating their “nocturnalness”. (Also, Bayus and I are not sure that our Mom or Dad are going to let us go all the way to buying a hedgehog. At this point, I think my Mom just enjoys that Bayus and I are learning a lot about hedgehogs, and that Bayus is doing something other than watching YouTube videos 😉 :P)

  2. I’ve never seen a white Hedgehog! I’ve known/know several people that have a hedgehog and they love them! I wonder if they are hard or easy to care for? Well, I have now spent a good portion of my day binge reading and catching up on the Team Hadjes blog! A well spent day! Love you all … will keep reading 🙂

    1. From what I have read on the hedgehog breeders’ websites, whose entire motive is to sell their little balls of joy and spikes (for as high a price as they can, without having mothers leaving and pulling their crying children behind them), hedgehogs are one of the easiest pets to take care of!
      Hopefully this turns out to be true 😉 Thank you so much for joining us on our journey!

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