On Saturday we woke up and got our bags together. Yoyo and Cindi (The people that were renting the apartment out to us) picked us up and our luggage to drive it to the local train station.



Next we got our stuff in the train and rode off. We were in a few hours of trains but it went pretty well. After that we gave the airport our luggage and headed toward security, it went well. Then we went to our gate and got some food (hotdogs) and Hannah and I got some ice cream too.



Once the plane arrived we boarded and found our seat. It wasn’t long till we flew off.



We landed in Los Angeles for a lay over and boarded the next plane. Once we landed we went over the get our bags but one was missing- a white box! Dad talked to them and they figured out where it was in Los Angeles and said they would ship it to our house.



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2 thoughts on “DAY FIFTY-FOUR: Home

  1. Thank you all for sharing your trip! I saw and learned things that I don’t think I would have otherwise. I especially liked getting your points of view. What an amazing trip! After hearing about all of your experiences, I feel sad too that you will miss your Japanese family but hope you will all return soon.
    -love, Aunt Tana

  2. I was wondering how you carried all the stuff. Glad to know that you got a lift to the station, but I still wonder how you carried all the stuff from one train to another!

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