DAY THIRTY-EIGHT: Grandpa Dad and Okonomiyaki

On Thursday, we didn’t do much. We did school until we needed to leave for language class. We went on the train to Hon-Atsugi. We went to an okonomiyaki restaurant, but we were there early. So, we did some shopping including checking out a store that sold fancy chopsticks. We returned to the restaurant and we were sat down at a table to order. They had an English menu available but it was shorter than the full menu and still didn’t have all the information we needed.  We used that menu and the translation app on dad’s phone with the regular menu so we could order some food. We watched them make the food on a big grill.  Each table that guests sit at also have a grill in the middle.  The food is not made at your table but it is set on the grill so it can stay warm while you are eating it.



It took a little while till our food arrived but the food was amazing. We tried 4 different okonomiyaki combinations.  Each one has different kinds of meats, veggies, some egg cooked flat like a pancake and often some noodles inside.  The sauces used on top are unique to okonomiyaki.  This first picture shows the one we ordered that had cheese in it.



These two both had something on top that looked papery and moved like it was alive in the warmth from the heat of the grill.


After the amazing food we went to our Japanese language class. We did the class which was funny because Hannah called Dad grandpa (on accident) in Japanese.  This made the teacher laugh so hard that she almost started crying.  We all laughed really hard and had a lot of fun that day.



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  1. Thanks Bayus and siblings for the fascinating and illuminating posts. Looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Thank you sooo much for following along with us, Rod 🙂 We are happy to hear that are enjoying our journey,

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