DAY THIRTY-FOUR (part one): Food and Family

On Sunday we went to our family lunch gathering in Tokyo near Tokyo Tower. This was a special opportunity to spend time with our relatives that live in and around Tokyo.



This is our Tokyo family.

In this picture Uncle Yoshio is making a speech about our time in Japan so that everyone will know what we have been up to.


There was REALLY nice food.


Here is the table setting.


Here is Dad’s appetizer, salmon.


My appetizer was lamb.


This is Dad’s yummy fancy bread.


My salad


This is the name of the restaurant and where we set our utensils.


For the main course I chose a  burger. It was super yummy.


For dessert I got Hokey Pokey ice cream, it was really good.


I really want to tell you what else we did this day but Hannah won’t let me.  She says she gets to write part two 🙁







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    1. It was very good but I don’t know why they called it Hokey Pokey Ice Cream. Sadly I don’t remember how it tasted like but I do remember that I liked it a lot.

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