You’ve been enlisted…..

….into the sandwich assembly line!  For anyone that has ever bought Smuckers Uncrustables and cringed at the price or the wayyyy too long ingredient list and for any mom that wonders when their kids will be old enough to help with the laundry list of work they create (love them though we do, we’d still like some help).  Here are some pictures of what the kids helped me do today…….38 sandwiches (pressed with the Pampered Chef cut-n-press and baggied individually for the freezer)!  Our chickens are very much enjoying the excess of heels and crusts!

7 thoughts on “You’ve been enlisted…..

  1. That is hysterical! So great! The kids and I did that too… but we didn’t have near as much fun as you. lol! Those pampered chef squirters are brillant! 🙂 My kids would have had SO much more fun making our batch if I had put them in there… as it was they used spoons. Spoons are so yesterday. 😉


  2. Ok, Cyan just came over and said “MAMA! Can we do it that way? With Sarah? PLEASE??” And now she is asking to go to your house and do it. Yep. Told you. I am just not near as much fun! 😉 Cyan says “I think that looks so fun! We could make them and sell them for one quarter.”


  3. Sarah! That is sooooo cool! I wish I could do this with gluten free bread, but it crumbles. I love the peanut butter squirter!!! Did you warm the peanut butter before you put it in? It makes it a little more watery, but then again, that might help. You’re the greatest delegator!!!

  4. wow, those are some good sandwiches i bet. funny, i was just at the grocery store last week staring at the jams and jellies for like 10 minutes trying to find one i could understand all the ingredients to:) i’ve been reading ‘animal, vegetable, miracle’ by b.kingsolver and it’s got me thinking even more about stuff i care about! way2go. put those kids to WORK! miss you guys!

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