Day THIRTY-ONE: Visit with a New Friend

Konnichiwa friends,

On Thursday we visited a Christian friend we had met at church. Her name is Hiromi and she invited us to come to her house, which was very close to our apartment.  When we reached her house we sat down at a small table in her living room with some tasty snacks. We were surprised to find a square hole underneath the table that was warmed for our feet.


Hiromi showed us her cat, who she likes very much, and showed us an instrument that she likes to play called the ocarina.

The cat went under the table into the square hole to be warm, it was pretty funny!


Hannah fed the cat a tasty treat.

The ocarina is a really old style of instrument kind of like a flute. Hiromi played along with a song from Totoro, a Japanese Anime, and was really good.

She showed us around her house which had a lot of tanks of cool fish owned by her husband. When we were about to leave she gave Bayus a gift, one of her ocarinas! He had learned how to play it at her house, and she decided to give him one since she had two. We also prayed for her before we left for her older daughter and her parents. Overall it was a calm day, but a very good day because we learned how to play a new instrument and prayed for a new friend.



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