DAY THIRTY-TWO: Parks, Pictures, and Practice Tests

On Friday, we went to another park with Uncle Yoshio and Uncle Shea. At the train station, Bayus watched a technician fix the escalator. Do you see the technician?


On the walk to the park, we passed by a fire station. Mom took a picture of their cool engines.


While at home we run our excess water in trenches by the road, or under ground, here they make beautiful waterfalls.


Here is a picture of a small stand, next to a family’s small farm. No one was sitting by the stand. It was by the road, unattended, with a little wooden box for putting money in. This just goes to show how strong the honor system is here. One can also see what we mean by the fact that they package EVERYTHING. There are packages within packages. I am surprised that individual chips aren’t packaged! Later, I will try to post a better picture that shows the amount of packaging used here.


This fantastic bridge is iconic to the park we were visiting.


I had rolled my ankle on DAY TWENTY-NINE (Elias refused to put my hurt ankle into his blog post), so I walked around the park with Elias’ walking stick, from his climb up Mt. Fuji.


The park was very pretty, and was supposed to have monkeys, however no monkeys made themselves known to us 🙁 After a constant uphill climb, we were greeted by this lovely, panoramic view.


We ate lunch in the park, and then headed to another park’s nature center. Mom had us do some nature journaling, which means I added another unfinished drawing to my stash (aka, the boys did their drawings super fast, were bored, and so we then had to leave while I was still working on the eyeball of my stuffed, Japanese serow) 😛



For those of you who don’t know (I certainly didn’t, until Dad looked it up), here is a link to what a Japanese serow is. I think it looks very ferocious at first.


After the park, Shea stayed at our house for a little while. Elias and I have our PSAT coming up, so Shea helped us with our practice, PSAT.



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    1. Japan is truly amazing! I love it here! Everyday I see a new flower or other plant, that I wish I could plant in a garden back home. Why does our weather have to be so cold?

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