DAY TWENTY TWO: Birding in Zama Yatoyama Park

Hello everybody,

I now have two new bird species for my life list. One of which I got in Zama Yatoyama Park. Zama Yatoyama Park was amazing!

It was so different than our forests in WA. The forest was like a jungle, it had very dense foliage,  vines, and a thick canopy.

The canopy was very beautiful only revealing small rays of light.

The jungle atmosphere with the vines and humidity was just awesome! There was also a lot of butterflies, flying over us, big black and yellow spiders, and even a sign warning about a venomous snake.

This forest made me think of my dream of going to a rainforest to study birds! It was really hard to identify the birds in the thick foliage and canopy. I did however manage to identify a bird called the Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker. I also identified a bird there I had seen near our apartment called the Eastern Great Tit.

We also saw a really big beetle, that had huge pinchers and was a shiny black.

Hannah doing some nature journaling.



Bayus even played badminton with Yoshio, which was a really cool thing to see! It was a really cool day!

In this picture Hannah and Bayus are trying to use stilts.


(Note added by Hannah)

Special delivery! When we got home from our fun day at the park, we had a surprise awaiting us. Marshmallows with a birthday message on them! Thank you Chieko and Izumi for the birthday gift! The marshmallows were delicious!

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Elias, did you get into birding on your last trip to Japan with your Great Uncle Yoshio? Just wondering … maybe I an having a false memory. The pinchers on that beetle look like he stole them from a much larger beetle!

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