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Hi friends,

I have been writing a lot of articles for different birding associations in WA. I just finished the last one today and the person that asked me to do the article seems happy with it. It is fun to write articles and I think this might be a field I want to get into. They wanted me to write “why birds are for everyone” for their fall fundraiser they are going to do.

The other day I watched a bird of prey by the Cup Noodles Museum, it was really cool to watch it catch fish and glide with the ocean wind. I hope to see some new hummingbirds before I come back home. In Japan it is hard to tell if it is a hummingbird or just a big bug. We are planning some nature walks this weekend!





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  1. That’s pretty awesome that you get to write for different birding associations. Maybe you should start a list of but bugs you’ve seen in Japan, once you recognize more of those it’ll probably be easier to tell when it’s a humming bird.

    1. Thank you Uncle Haven,
      that sounds like a good idea. It is really exciting to write for so many organizations!

  2. Elias … this summer while I was camping up by Lake Cushman I was surprised twice by birds! I had taken my grandchildren Aiden (the baby you, Hannah & Bayus had prayed for at your house … he is now 12) and Paige to the lower lake area to swim and play. They had gone behind me to the playground and I was still looking out at the lake … suddenly an Eagle splashed into the water and came up empty ‘beaked’, no fish! But then as he was flying he shook off the water … which amazed me … to vigorously shake while flying!! I saw him do it one more time before we left. On a different day, as the kids and I were driving back from the upper lake area I caught something bigger and black in a tree besides the road. As there were no cars behind me, I backed up to where it was … it was a large Turkey Vulture! I had never seen one before, and he didn’t like me seeing him then … so he gave me a stare down and then flew a little further from the road, but I could still see him. Him and his red face! Then more recently we were camping down below Mt St Helens. There was a really cool heron of some type and so many birds! The heron did NOT make pretty sounds … like some kind of screaming whenever he flew. I was hearing a lot of other bird language that I wasn’t use to at all. Beautiful sounds … I wish I could have recognized them. A big flock of Lesser Canadian Geese seemed to live there also. <3

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