Just for the record…

….4 and 5 yr olds aren’t great at ‘guided relaxation’.

Bayus informed me at bedtime, on the first night in his new bed/bedroom,  that the tree and green canopy is ‘scary’. I asked him if he didn’t want it in his room (I don’t want to take it all apart and return to IKEA but I will) and he says he wants it at daytime but wants me to take it out at night Shocked Yeah, that’s not happening. I went in there and tried to do some bedtime guided relaxation (I do this on occasion with Hannah and she always has great dreams after) and lets just say 4-5yr olds aren’t fantastic at this. Me- ‘I want you to go to a place you really love, a happy place, somewhere you feel cozy….’ and he interrupts with ‘hey! I got Fred Meyer in my head! (grocery store) how did Fred Meyer get in my head?!’ to which I talk to him about his imagination and then get him to resettle and I start again- this time going with the Fred Meyer idea. Halfway through talking him through the ‘experience’ including things I know he’ll like (colors of favorite foods, sounds he likes, tasting a cookie from the bakery) he interrupts again ‘hey mama, you forgot the baby. I saw a baby there and it was a girl baby with a lady. Why didn’t you talk about the baby? There was a baby in my head, didn’t you see it? I don’t like babies. They are always trying to touch me, I don’t like babies. Babies are cute but I don’t like them’. Rolling Eyes

Ok, kid- go to sleep, I love you but I’m out.