The ‘Wall of Love’

Sometimes I get these ‘ideas’, sometimes they go as planned and often they don’t.  The other day I was at the grocery store in the office supply aisle (its an addiction) and I saw one of those items that immediately causes me to think ‘I love this so much I need to think of a purpose for it!’- heart shaped post-it notes!  Right up there with new colored pencils and the perfect journal is my affinity for notepads, and if they are colored, shaped, and patterned  well then its LOVE.  I brought them home with the plan of having them available to my budding writers to jot down things they love and add them to the sliding glass door (aka dry erase board/command central) whenever they felt the whim.   I figured over the course of weeks we’d have this lovely wall of positivity.  The positivity is there but it didn’t take weeks, my kids took the idea and ran with it….for about 4 hours in one sitting!  Note after note, giggle after giggle and only occasional requests for spelling help (would have been a good idea if they had asked a time or two more) and now we have this lovely ‘wall of love’ right next to where we eat our meals and do our daily school work.  I often find myself standing there letting my eye meander about from note to note and smiling at the sweet hand writing, phonetic spelling, and heartfelt thoughts.  This is one of those projects that didn’t go as I planned- it went better!

(click the pictures if you want to see them bigger and read some of the notes)