DAY FORTY-NINE: Robots and Ninjas

On Monday we were still in Tokyo. When we woke up we ate, packed up and left our apartment. First we went to a museum called Miraikan. But on the way we saw a GIANT robot, it was from a novel called Gundam. We know nothing about the novel but the robot was awesome!




The Miraikan museum was really cool! They had a box that you put your hand in and you looked in a screen at the top and they made it so you can’t know for sure if its your hand or just a video. There were lots of other cool things, but my favorite was a presentation where they had Asimo (a REALLY cool robot by Honda) come out and do a little show for us. It was amazing! I have heard a lot about Asimo in educational robot movies, so I was geeking out.


*if you have trouble viewing the above video, try this link

Since we were near the Japanese Statue of Liberty, we checked it out. It is different than our Statue of Liberty, because the one in Japan is smaller.



After, we went to a six story arcade by Sega. I played some claw machines and some normal arcade games, it was lots of fun even though I didn’t win anything.  We went here because my parents found it listed on this website with the coolest arcades in the world





Next we went to a restaurant… a ninja restaurant. IT WAS AWESOME!



We went in the front door, went into a room with no visible doors, and then a secret door opened up and a ninja waiter came out of it! She led us along a cool path where we went through dark passages, over bridges, past small ponds and fountains and through small doorways that even I had to duck to get through. She even made a voice activated draw bridge come down! She sat us down in a cool private room.



There were 27 rooms in the restaurant. Our room was called the taiko room. We ordered some cool sounding foods. We didn’t need to wait long for our food. There were some awesome shiriken (ninja star) crackers, and the waiter made soup at our table, with a 400 degree Fahrenheit rock!



The picture below has dry ice under the rocks.



*if you have trouble viewing the above video, try this link



Ninja fruit!



The food was really good and our waiter gave me a ninja mask! The master ninja did insanely cool card and coin tricks for us that we couldn’t figure out!




We left through a secret exit which the waiter showed us (which is good because we would have gotten lost) and went home happy.



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  1. That restaurant sounds sooooooo cool! I wonder why we don’t have anything like that here in the states

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