DAY TWENTY-FOUR and TWENTY-FIVE: Expensive Tortillas, Eyeliner, and Education

On Wednesday, we made homemade tortillas for fajitas! Tortillas are incredibly expensive here, so this was a triumphant moment!


On Thursday we had language class as usual. Before class, however, Mom and I ventured to the mall under Hon-Atsugi station, to do some shopping! Our shopping trip was unsuccessful (in that we were unable to find exactly what I wanted), but we did bump into a woman from the church we are attending, Hiromi.  She is so kind and friendly, and it was fun to visit with her. We also found something that Mom saw on the internet. It is a kind of liquid eyeliner, only sold in Japan (as far as we know) that the website said is absolutely amazing. I put some on my hand, to see how it applied, and was satisfied. The eyeliner wasn’t particularly cheap, however, so we decided to wait and see how the eyeliner lasted on my hand, before we decided to buy it. That night, I took one line off with eye makeup remover, and it came off very easily, but I left the other line on. Three days later, and many hand washes and a shower later, the line was still there! The next time we go shopping, Mom and I definitely plan to buy this.


The boys met up with us for dinner, and then we went to language class. We learned how to say boy and girl, and how to say position words like ‘beside’, ‘in front’, and ‘behind’.


The first half of our trip is wrapping up. We are having so much fun, enjoying the culture around us. We wouldn’t trade this time for anything. We love our family, and we are having great fun making new friends!



4 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY-FOUR and TWENTY-FIVE: Expensive Tortillas, Eyeliner, and Education

  1. If you like it, buy two. Who knows when you will find it again!! Have you been to the 100 Yen stores yet? (Japanese version of the Dollar Store but with much nicer stuff.)

    1. Yes, we have been to a few 100 Yen stores. They are very fun to wander around. My favorite section is the dishes section. Japanese pottery is beautiful, and while the 100 Yen store has the plastic versions of the original art, it is much more beautiful than the $1 options back home. My aunt Tamiko has the most beautiful dishes I have seen. If I were older I would totally buy my entire future home dishes set!

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