DAY SIX and SEVEN: Go Fish, Go, and Fish

Calls from home! Bayus and I were both able to chat with friends over Facebook Messenger. I was able to chat with my dear friend Cyan, and Bayus hung out with his friend Nate. Bayus and Nate were even able to play cards over the video!



The boys are back! Dad and Elias got home an hour earlier than expected, and were immediately sent to the showers. They were very tired, but very happy. Elias enjoyed showing us his walking stick, which is wood burned with a unique design from each station that they checked in at.


Sunday we held our own family service, with Dad reading from Romans. We discussed what we read, and then prayed for our friends and family.

Bayus and I explored the park across the street. The swing seat is only about a foot off the ground, and we had trouble swinging our legs. The park did have some jungle gym bars, that I can use for ballet barre, and the park is just big enough for me to do my across the floor combinations. I also did some drawing. Here is a link to my personal blog, where I talk more about this.


Lunch that day was at Uncle Yoshio and Aunt Tamiko’s house. We each made dishes to share. We brought egg salad sandwiches (very American), cucumber salad (Japanese style), and fruit. They made a shirataki dish, which was delicious, and cooked, whole body herring. I accidentally ate some herring innards.

We enjoyed talking with them, and getting to know them personally. Tamiko likes Greek and Roman philosophy, and Yoshio plays Go (a Japanese game) with people all over Japan, sometimes playing with multiple people at the same time. He is apparently very good. The picture below shows Yoshio, Tamiko, and Elias looking at a bird book. I think they were trying to I.D some bird Elias saw on Mt. Fuji.


We asked Yoshio about the bells that we heard (DAY FIVE). He said that he thinks they are bells that play on school days at 5:30 pm. He said that they are rung to remind the children to go home, before they are late! We made plans for seeing Yoshio and Tamiko again this week, and we greatly look forward to it.


What are you guys doing this week? Comment below 🙂



4 thoughts on “DAY SIX and SEVEN: Go Fish, Go, and Fish

    1. I am not sure, to be honest. I know that it is a two player game, you each have a pile of either white or black pebbles, and the game board is set up like a grid. You are only allowed to set your pebbles down where the grid lines cross, and once they are set down, you cannot move them, unless they are surrounded by your opponents pebbles. The goal is to surround all or most of the other players pebbles with your pebbles. We are supposed to get a lesson on Go next week 😛

    1. When Bayus asked if he could have a deck of cards to play with Nate, Mom was like,
      “Wait what? How?… ok sure,”
      I was impressed by their creativity. It was adorable 🙂

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