Ballroom Dance Camp, another summer comes nearer to its end

For the past 3 years Elias and Hannah have taken a week long ballroom dance camp together.  They love to dance and love to dance together and I adore watching them dance together.  I’d like to think that someday Elias’ wife will thank me for this but even if she doesn’t I know that its something special that they share together and enjoy doing together as siblings.  Here are some pictures to show how they’ve grown together.




As they dance, Bayus and I get to have ‘Mommy-Bayus Camp’ at the local mall.  We ride the carousel, eat cotton candy, play indoor mini-golf and his favorite….the CLAW game! 


One thought on “Ballroom Dance Camp, another summer comes nearer to its end”

  1. Sarah, these are some beautiful pictures! I love seeing the progression all lined up – wonderful family “remember when”s being made <3

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