Shall we dance?

Hannah enjoyed a night out with Daddy yesterday.  She prepped all week, marking every calendar and counting down the days.  She prepped all day including a long bubble bath, having mommy paint her nails, and borrowing mommy’s necklace.  The boys were excited for her outing and Bayus went with mommy to get the wrist corsage (and he thoroughly enjoyed presenting it to her).  Once all was ready mommy snapped some pictures and they were off!

Hannah’s favorite parts of the evening?  Dancing to the chicken dance was at the top she said.  It was a really special night put on by a local community center and brought to our attention by our friend Val.  Val’s husband and daughter went to the event as well, which was a real treat for both of the girls to be there together.


If you didn’t know, my middle name is Dawn.  This picture captures for me both the literal moment of dawn but also the figurative reality of my life right now.  I feel like I’m looking at new horizons and new possibilities.  New days break open everyday.  New goals, new possibilities, new adventures…..I greet the unknown with open arms.  For anyone wondering what is ‘going on’ in my life to inspire this picture let me say number one ‘just ask me’ and for a hint…..I officially registered for a triathlon in August today that I’ve been planning and training for months already.  I’m so excited!

‘….happy birthday dear Mommy, happy birthday to you!’

Sunday marked another year ending and beginning in my life as a woman, wife, and mother 🙂  Many wonderful things filled the day including purple streamers hung all over the kitchen before I woke up by my dear daughter (with a little help from daddy but it was all her idea), angel food cake with fruit from my mother so we could celebrate with the kids before we dropped them off for an all day and overnight with grandma, and then lots of fun with just me and Eddie.  We had dinner out in Seattle and woke before sunrise on Monday to take some pictures I’ve had mulling around in my head for awhile.  We finished out with breakfast out together at a local place called ‘The Homestead’ (which was wonderful), before Eddie headed off to work and I went and picked up the kids from grandma.  It was all wonderful, a truly wonderful birthday!

Our family on wheels….

We took the kids roller skating for the first time ever 🙂  The kids will need more practice but overall had a good time.  It was so fun watching them come up with their own creative ways to get around the rink without falling, like Elias’ ‘turtle skating’ that you see pictured here.  Bayus was the most fearless, repeatedly wiggling way to skate ‘all by myself mama’.