‘The Story’ as told by my children….

We are having major snow which is not usual for our area.  Being housebound, mostly, and lots of events canceled makes for a lot of creative free time together as a family, which is great 🙂  On Sunday we were trying to decide whether or not to brave the elements to go to church (we did) and while we discussed this the kids ran off- they had an IDEA!

Click on the picture below to watch what they came up with.  If you missed seeing a Christmas pageant this year because of weather or scheduling- here is your chance!

Merry Christmas 2008

*It’s that time of year again, the time to reflect back on 365days of growing older!*

Here are the highlights:
-Eddie took a mountaineering course learning everything from first aid and rescue to rock climbing and glacier crossing.  He is continuing to do computer work through his business Inikus Consulting.
-Sarah is actively home schooling the kids, now entering 2nd grade and covering a yearlong introduction to countries and cultures.  She is also still working as a doula and thoroughly enjoys walking with families through the trials, challenges and joys surrounding childbirth.
-Elias recently joined a Cub scout group and says ‘it is the best thing ever’.  He loves to write in his journal, draw and day dream about the latest story we’re reading.
-Hannah is taking Irish dancing and so far loves it.  Her favorite part of school is learning about other places in the world and other people.  She says she wants to learn about ‘everywhere, everyone and everything’.
-Bayus is always busy playing or snacking, which is about right for a 3 year old.  He loves to be involved in anything his big brother and sister are doing, including looking at books or ‘writing letters’.

May this season be filled with all the good memories of a year passing and all the anticipation of a better year to come!  Merry Christmas from Team Hadjes!
Eddie, Sarah, Elias (8), Hannah (7), and Barnabeas (3)

Our Favorite Holiday Muffin Recipe

2c All Bran cereal, ground
3/4c water
1small can pumpkin
1 dry cake mix, spice or carrot
1.5c applesauce

Mix all ingredients.  Spoon into muffin pan.  Bake for 30mins in 350deg oven, until toothpick comes out clean.  Makes 24 muffins, Enjoy!

Brrrrrr! Baby its COLD outside!

You know its cold when the high for the week is below freezing……

You know its cold outside when the fish tank in the back room is having trouble staying within temp…..

You know its cold outside when you decide to cook a hot breakfast for your chickens!

Its a good way to use up stale pantry items though.  This morning the menu is: oatmeal, TVP and raisins.

The first snow…..

Today we had our first snow of the Christmas season.  Elias is out with Daddy so I was only able to get pictures of Hannah and Bayus enjoying the snowflakes (Bayus thinks they are yummy!).

Fairies, Ballets and Puppets…..

Just a few pictures to highlight some of the fun from this past week(end).  Hannah went to a much anticiapted ‘fairy’ birthday party and worked long and hard on her gift.  Grandma Engle suprised Hannah and took her to Pacific Northwest Ballet’s performance of ‘The Nutcracker’ in Seattle.  All three kids enjoyed watching the group ‘Puppets Please’ put on a Christmas show at our local library.  The activities and the advent calendars are counting down……..its almost CHRISTMAS!

And the ‘mania’ continues…

This weekend was full of activities, including the annual Gingerbread house party put on by dear friends of ours.  Every year they graciously invite us and a slew of other friends and in preparation they bake our gingerbread houses from scratch and mix up some royal icing!  Everyone comes bearing gifts of candy for the building tables and food for the buffet- its always a blast!  This year the boys let Hannah have full reign over the design and construction of the house as long as they could help eat it later 😉

Its the most wonderful time of the year……..

Now that Hannah is feeling better and the realization of her hospitalization is not quite as fresh (though there is still much healing to do), we can begin our holiday fun!

Last Saturday we went to the annual fundraiser for the local children’s hospital (the one Hannah was in) called Festival of the Trees.  Hannah got tired fairly quickly but we were able to pick a few favorites before heading home early.  Elias was particularly fond of the pirate themed tree, Bayus was all about the monkey tree that was caged and Hannah loved a beautifully decorated asian tree.  If you think of it next year and have opportunity to go- we recommend the event! We couldn’t seem to convince Bayus to join Elias and Hannah by some trees for a holiday picture, he was too interested in the kids games and crafts that were set up at the Festival.

Elias wins a photo contest!

Elias has a favorite pair of shoes, if you’ve seen him since March he was likely wearing them and may have also brought your attention to them.  He calls them his ‘fast shoes’.  They are made by a company in Portland called Eleven Collection who specialize in really soft shoes (oh so comfortable) and fun styles- even up to big boy size!

Eleven Collection ran a contest for people to send in pictures of their kids wearing Eleven shoes.  Now since these are practically the one and only pair of shoes Elias will wear for the past 8months- I’ve got a LOT of pictures.  Here’s the winning entry, taken by my sister in law Karyn (of CA) when they were up here visiting and we took the kids climbing.

To see how its featured on their website you can click HERE!

If you are ever looking for a great photographer in the Bay Area of CA check out my sister in law by clicking HERE!

‘Mama, they got trucks!’

Eddie captured this picture of Bayus as he squealed with delight at all the trucks that arrived to re-build our neighbors house.  They had a very extensive house fire over the summer and the remains have sat sad and empty up until a few weeks ago.

As you can see Bayus is wearing the ‘official’ outfit of choice for a 3yr old these days- ‘cozy’ (his words) pajama shirt, undies and mismatched rain boots!  I love 3 yr olds!