The long awaited pictures from the Masquerade Ball!

This post was a long time coming….but hopefully you feel its worth it 🙂  I had to collect images from 2 of my cameras and from the cameras of my little sister and 2 other friends (hence the lack of continuity in file names).

We had a magical day with all our friends, please enjoy the video by clicking below.  It will take some time to download for viewing, feel free to get a cup of tea while you wait, but if you can’t possibly wait to see the video you can also click below and scroll through the images used in the video.

Thanks for looking!

The Music Video

Just the pictures


New pictures…

I haven’t blogged in awhile because I want to post the pictures from Hannah’s birthday party back in September before it gets too buried.  I hope to work on those today (they are all edited I just want to make a little music video for you all) but we’ll see.  In the meantime here are some updated pictures of the kids that I took yesterday on our trip to the Children’s Museum of Tacoma.  Elias really enjoyed finding a quiet spot to read, Bayus was all about doing the craft (gluing tissue papers into a construction paper cornicopia), and Hannah enjoyed catching bubbles.

How to have an art easel when you don’t have unlimited space…

Bayus loves to paint, like really really loves to paint.  Every time we are at a children’s museum he is at an art easel.  Every time we go to the open art studio at the local Tacoma Art Museum, he gets comfortable with an art easel.  I’ve been battling the desire to get him a painting easel with the practicality of not wanting to clutter up our space with more stuff.  He’d want it out all the time and I wouldn’t, nor would I want to drag it in and out of a storage location several times a day.

As an answer to my desire for less clutter and my desire to let him have creative open space I came up with our own painting area- and he LOVES it!  I went to a local office supply and bought 4 suction cup clips (there is a painting above the one showed that is hanging to dry- we used scotch tape until I bought the clips so technically this step is optional).  I used a suction cup shower organizer (purchased at a local hardware store I think, I’ve had it for a few years as I used to use it with our large aqua doodle mat on the opposite side of this glass door) to hold 3 jelly jars of paint (lids can be purchased at your local grocer, do not fill paint jars just an inch will do for most three year olds)- instant painting ‘easel’!

I challenge you to not look at your sliding glass door as just a door but instead a great easy to clean wall 🙂  We also use ours with the dry erase markers during ‘school’ time and like I said previously we had a aqua doodle mat hanging on it from suction cup hooks.  What do you do with your glass door?